Imagefield Crop


imagefield_crop provides a widget for cropping an image after upload.


When the user uploads an image, the image is presented inside a cropping area. A cropping box is shown inside, and the user can resize and move it. Upon clicking 'preview' or 'submit', the image is cropped and the result is saved instead of the original image.

Watch the screencast by capellic (Note: the screencast was made for the 6.x version of this module).


- Seamless, intuitive cropping, almost like using a desktop photo editing app
- All major browsers supported
- Dynamic preview - you see how your crop will look like, in real time!
- Original image is saved for recropping.
- No matter what resolution the cropping area is, the original image is used for cropping (for highest quality)
- The sizes of the cropping area, cropping box and resulting image can be controlled by the administrator

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