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DevEngineering Named a Top Ukraine Company on Clutch!

DevEngineering is extremely proud to be included in Clutch’s recent report highlighting the top B2B service providers in Ukraine – a popular destination for U.S’s software development outsourcing. This award further increases our competitiveness on the platform, [...]

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drupal 7 custom entity translation
How to add translation to custom entity in Drupal 7

I want to tell you how to make an entity provided by a contributed module or your custom entity translatable in Drupal 7.
In this article, I'll make it for the 'Asset' custom entity.
Assets is a contribute module, that's why I've not included its code to [...]

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Blackbox security testing of WEB applications

In this short article I would like to share my knowledge about blackbox security testing of web applications. First of all, lets split blackbox security testing into two categories:

1) Passive analysis - actions, which simple internet user can do.  

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Run node.js script with python

Here is our approach to running node.js script with Python:

1) install Naked

pip install Naked

2) import Naked functions in python code

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CSS regression testing: Robot Framwork + WebdriverCSS

For one of our projects, we implemented functional autotests using Robot Framework(test automation framework). Then additionally to functional tests we decided to add CSS regression tests. As a tool we chose  [...]

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Involving Clients in Crafting Sound Technology Solutions

Since 2009, DevEngineering has been working with non-profit, educational, business and entrepreneurial clients to find innovative ways to escape burdensome software license fees through the use of license-free open source technology solutions.

For our work, [...]

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Resize or maximize browser window in Behat/Mink/Drupal

Maximize OR resize browser window in Behat/Mink (ways how to get full screen in Behat/Mink). In this article I would like to describe ways how easily resize or maximize window using Behat/Mink. 

1) First way to resize window in Behat/Mink is using @BeforeStep [...]

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DrupalCon Portland

Hello everyone! :) I've just got back home from my trip to Portland, where I was attending greatest Drupal event - DrupalCon. And it was really greatest one cause more than 3300 people came to Portland to share their experience, make new friends and have a lot of [...]

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Avectra netForum integration with Drupal

Drupal CMS system is becoming more and more popular. Among its wide list of useful features, Drupal provides powerful tools for creating rich graphical user interfaces and building state-of-the-art interactive web sites. These features can be interesting for [...]

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How to log in from code?

Custom eWeb user registration and log in process is one of the most common tasks. “Create web login” page is usually the last page of any custom user registration logic (see Fig. 1). Form used on this page can be a simple copy of a baseline form. However, it does [...]

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