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DevEngineering Offers You Flexible Engagement Models

DevEngineering builds drupal open source web applications with multiple forms of engagement like retainer, time and billing and fixed price/flexible scope.

Doing business together means committing to transparent communication and effective collaboration. In our experience, over thousands of development hours, we’ve found defining the business engagement model together to be a key component of success. That’s why we crafted multiple ways to get started - ensuring your business goals are achieved.

In order to determine which business relationship is the best fit, you will want to consider these web development project components: features, time and budget. Every drupal web application includes these and we actively coach you to the most effective way to optimize these aspects in alignment with your business goals.


These three influencers of project success are treated differently in the three models of engagement we offer. Here is an overview of each type of working relationships so you can better understand which is a fit for you business whether you are looking for a drupal web portal, social networking application, community site, brand building site or ecommerce application.

Time and Billing Engagement Model For Drupal Web Applications

This model works best for business owners or executives with evolving drupal application ideas that are not tied to a firm project scope, specification or implementation plan. This model is also effective for situations where work requirements cannot be precisely defined at the outset or when requirements could change dynamically during the project implementation phase. This model requires a commitment from the client to participate as the subject matter expert on the project providing insight into the dynamics affecting the project outcome. The development effort is billed at the end of every month based on the mutually agreed hourly rate.

  • Time and billing offers you ultimate flexibility.
  • You are able to prioritize workloads, while optimizing time and costs.
  • More resources can be devoted to your project based on your evolving requirements and growing needs.
This approach works well for
  • Projects that do not have a specific budget because the scope is not fixed.
  • Dynamic and flexible projects that are medium or large.
  • Customers who prefer to have maximum of control over the development process.
How the Time and Billing Engagement process works
  • 01Skill Requirements
  • 02Resumes / Interviews
  • 03Team Defined
  • 04Agreement
  • 05Work Begins
  • 061+ Month Engagement

Fixed Price/Flexible Scope

We work with you to transform your vision into a well-defined project scope or we review the requirements and features you have and provide you with a recommended budget and timeframe needed for development. If the project is for a new venture, we can help you define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) scope where certain features are prioritized to ensure the most effective use of your budget. During the project, allocation of engineering resources and budget can be modified to ensure the most valuable drupal application features are delivered.

Main advantages of fixed price/flexible scope for drupal applications are:
  • You are provided a fixed budget with a block of engineering hours.
  • Engineering hours can be reallocated as the project moves forward to dynamically prioritize features.
  • We coach you on the effective use of your budget for the delivery of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), a web application that addresses your business goals within your budget.
How the Fixed Price/Flexible Scope engagement process works
  • 01Application Requirements
  • 02Engineering Team Skillsets
  • 03Agreement
  • 04Development
  • 05Review/ Prioritize/Test
  • 06Launch

Retainer /Ongoing Maintenance

This arrangement provides you with a reliable resource for ongoing maintenance and enhancement of your drupal application. Our team works your technical team or as an extension of your in-house engineering group. We can address work adding new features, bug fixes, applying security patches and more.

Works well for projects that:
  • Do not have a specific end date
  • Businesses without sufficient technical resources in-house
  • Businesses that do not have the desire or workload to support a dedicated in-house team.
  • 01Define Maintenance Tasks
  • 02Identify Engineering Skillsets
  • 03Agree On Monthly Hours & Skills
  • 04Assign Task Manager
  • 05Begin Work

Drupal Agency Partnerships

Often drupal application development firms, advertising agencies, and digital agencies do not have the capacity to address dynamic client needs for drupal application development in-house. We have a special engagement model where we offer a dedicated team of engineering resources based on evolving client needs. If this sounds like a fit for your business.

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