Node autosave

This module provides auto-save functionality for nodes. The idea is similar to but this project doesn't use jquery.field plugin and supports autosaving of any form fields including:

  • Filefeilds
  • Fields with attached WYSIWYG editor
  • References fields
  • Autocomplete fields

Here is list of currently supported features:

  • Autosave by timer
  • Saving of new and existing nodes per user
  • Saving to persistent ctools cache or to session. So you can chose whether user will be able to restore autosaved data from another computer
  • Auto-restoring of presaved node when node form is opened
  • Presave/Restore buttons
  • Configurable buttons position (top of the form, together with node form buttons, or both)
  • Configurable notice which shows when the last autosave was made

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