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drupal 7 custom entity translation
How to add translation to custom entity in Drupal 7

I want to tell you how to make an entity provided by a contributed module or your custom entity translatable in Drupal 7.
In this article, I'll make it for the 'Asset' custom entity.
Assets is a contribute module, that's why I've not included its code to [...]

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Resize or maximize browser window in Behat/Mink/Drupal

Maximize OR resize browser window in Behat/Mink (ways how to get full screen in Behat/Mink). In this article I would like to describe ways how easily resize or maximize window using Behat/Mink. 

1) First way to resize window in Behat/Mink is using @BeforeStep [...]

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Cancellation of required validation in Drupal 6

Hello all. Few weeks ago I was writing yet another module for Drupal and again I’ve encountered trouble with required validation and cancel button. I knew some hacks before, like defining own validation function and redirecting user to some page from this function. [...]

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