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Blackbox security testing of WEB applications

In this short article I would like to share my knowledge about blackbox security testing of web applications. First of all, lets split blackbox security testing into two categories:

1) Passive analysis - actions, which simple internet user can do.  

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Run node.js script with python

Here is our approach to running node.js script with Python:

1) install Naked

pip install Naked

2) import Naked functions in python code

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CSS regression testing: Robot Framwork + WebdriverCSS

For one of our projects, we implemented functional autotests using Robot Framework(test automation framework). Then additionally to functional tests we decided to add CSS regression tests. As a tool we chose  [...]

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How to integrate Sikuli script with Selenium Webdriver

Sikuli is a robust and powerful tool to automate and tests user interfaces screenshots. The core of Sikuli Script is written in Java, which means you can use Sikuli Script as a standard JAVA library in your program. This article lets you know how to do that. Sikuli [...]

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