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DevEngineering Named a Top Ukraine Company on Clutch!

DevEngineering is extremely proud to be included in Clutch’s recent report highlighting the top B2B service providers in Ukraine – a popular destination for U.S’s software development outsourcing. This award further increases our competitiveness on the platform, having already been listed as a leading performer in their existing research on web developers in Ukraine.

“The Polish and Ukrainian companies featured in today’s report not only managed to distinguish themselves from the competition but also proved their ability to deliver high-quality services to a variety of clients around the world,” said Aaron Morales, Clutch business analyst.

The ranking is based on Clutch’s unique methodology that considers the most crucial aspects for every company. This includes market presence, technological experience, and ability to deliver. We’re also excited to announce that we have been highlighted on Clutch’s sister website, the Manifest, as one of the top 10+ web development companies in Ukraine.


Our clients provided strong, candid feedback to Clutch analysts which largely helped us earn this recognition. Clutch collects client feedback from former and current clients asking them to discuss the project, the vendor’s flexibility, and a firm’s dedication the agreed upon project schedule.

At DevEngineering, we aim to provide quality services to our clients. We believe our business is your business and after dozens of projects, we’ve found success in being as transparent and consistent as possible. Recognition for our quality of work from third-party research firms like Clutch serve as a testament for our firm’s ability to deliver.

We could not be happier about our performance in such a competitive field in which we operate and our client reviews highlight just how hard our team works. We look forward to hearing more about what our clients have to say on Clutch. For more information about our work and past experience, visit our Clutch profile or our portfolio. We look forward to maintaining our position as a leading Ukraine development company on both Clutch and the Manifest in 2018!