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How to find hidden errors?

Customizing 3d party system is always more complex then working with your native product and code. netFORUM customization is not an exception. So this is very typical when you do some actions with the system, you don’t get the expected result and you don’t see any [...]

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How to trace object state in netForum?

This article can be very useful to the developers that are going to create or customize some complicated wizard in netFORUM. We assume that you know already what netFORUM object is, and the any [...]

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Why my extension is not invocating?

This is a very common situation that lots of the developers new to netFORUM may face. So what should you do if you wrote and deployed your form extension and it is not seems to be running? This is a very common situation that lots of the developers new to netFORUM [...]

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Tips & tricks: Part 1. URL parameters

netFORUM is a customizable system that allows adjusting for any specific business rules and processes. There are a lot of common customization tasks that can be accomplished by using the netFORUM tools with graphical user interface (such as iweb Admin, iweb Toolkit [...]

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How to prepare for future netForum version upgrade?

This short article describes a general approach of keeping your customization safe and untouched through any netFORUM version upgrade. Let’s take a look at a few important moments that can help achieving it. Always substitute baseline forms with your [...]

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How to integrate Sikuli script with Selenium Webdriver

Sikuli is a robust and powerful tool to automate and tests user interfaces screenshots. The core of Sikuli Script is written in Java, which means you can use Sikuli Script as a standard JAVA library in your program. This article lets you know how to do that. Sikuli [...]

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Cancellation of required validation in Drupal 6

Hello all. Few weeks ago I was writing yet another module for Drupal and again I’ve encountered trouble with required validation and cancel button. I knew some hacks before, like defining own validation function and redirecting user to some page from this function. [...]

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